Main Functions

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Like/Unlike Video

Like/unlike videos that are imported from file or searched by keywords.

Comment Video

Comment the searched/imported Video.

Reply Comments and Reply

Reply the comments and replies of searched videos base on keywords.

Send Private Message

Send Message to searched or imported people.

Follow People

Follow the searched or imported people's account.

Powerful Search

Search and filter video, channel, play list, movie, and program by keywords to get the data you need and use them in reply, comment, message, subscribe and follow etc...

Subscribe Channel

Subscribe imported or searched channel.

Unsubscribe Channel

Unsubscribe to a channel searched with keywords or URL.

Video View

Play your video to increase the video views.

Comment Channel

Comment on a searched channel.

Get the channel's videos

Scrape the link to a video on a channel.

Get the account's Subscriptions

Scrape a user's subscription list.

Search Video By Subscriptions

Search a video among a user's subscription.

Like Or Unlike Comment

Like or unlike the comment on a video searched with keywords or its link.

Like Or Unlike Comment Link

Like or unlike the top comment made on a video through its link.

Get OtherInfo By Channel

Scrape informations about a channel.

Click Ads

Click advertisement before the start of a video.

Get Video Comment Message

Scrape the content of a comment and its commenter's home link about a video.

Reply Comment By Filter Message

Reply to an exclusive comment filtered by keywords.

Upload Video

upload videos.

Download Video

download videos in mass.

Report Channel

Report a channel.

Get Video By HashTag

Search a video with a hashtag with or without a "#".

Watch the live

Watch the live video.

Get the video's commenters

Scrape home link of the commenters who made comments to videos that were searched with keywords or on specific channels.

Get the live's channels

Scrape the link to a live channel.

Live Video Search

Search live videos by keywords and filter settings.

Live Video Comment

Comment on searched and watched live videos.

Watch and comment on live video.

Avoid to comment on same videos.

Live video page refresh.

Run/Pause/Resume live video comment task at your own time.

Run schedule tasks.

Much more not listed here...

Lifetime Free Update

TubeAssistPro has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with Windows VM; it's advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface display due to the large amount of functionality.